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Yes, she knows it’s a multipass. Anyway, we’re in love.

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and watch a fun science fiction movie like The Fifth Element. There are great characters, an engaging story, and a universe that is willing to give us flying cars. Davdup brings that love of the vehicles into LEGO form with renditions of a police cruiser and Korben Dallas’ taxi. Slightly bigger than minifgure scale, these beauties feature smooth curves, complex angles, custom stickers, and build details straight from the movie.


The police car is a solid build (I love the grille tiles in the window) that accurately captures the utilitarian vehicle. Davdup has chosen to also include a window-delivered to-go order from McDonald’s, giving us a great callback to the movie. The interior is also pretty sweet, using a Technic pilot’s yoke for the steering wheel. Continue reading

Welcome to Fhloston Paradise

Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin) creates my favourite scene from one of the most fantastic movies of all time…The Fifth Element! Matt says that he has wanted to build this for going on 2 years now. I am very happy that he got around to it!

Welcome to Fhloston Paradise

A creation this size can not adequately be captured in one photograph, so please make sure you click through the full photo set to see all the goodies.

For those of you that are lucky enough to be in the Chicago area, you can see this in person at the Cantigny 2012 Christmas Lego Train Show this Saturday and Sunday (December 8th & 9th).

Welcome, there is one point left on your license

Jean-Phillippe Lajoie Dorval (zwiti) was inspired to build this can by the comic book “Les cercles du pouvoir,” which also inspired the film, The Fifth Element. It looks like they didn’t change the style much for the movie, because this is a great likeness of the cabs in the movie. It looks accurate right down to a door with a hinge on top.

Chrysler Rubanis Taxicab (front view)

Mr. Kim’s flying restaurant from the Fifth Element

Niek Geurts of MrBrick.nl recently posted a lovely LEGO version of Korben Dallas’s favorite restaurant from The Fifth Element.

Mr. Kim's Flying restaurant boat

While I love the boat’s hull and all the details Nieks has included, his technique for adding the background is just as interesting:

Flying restaurant the making of!

I wouldn’t have expected that taking a picture in front of a computer screen would turn out so well!