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LEGO Icons Fairgrounds Collection 10303 Loop Coaster – next level fun [Review]

When the first LEGO roller coaster came out in 2018, it felt as though it was long overdue. All the folks playing with K’Nex were chomping at the bit for LEGO to produce something in a way that only LEGO can. Of course, if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want some milk. The same people dying for a coaster were soon dying for track made for loops. Four long years later we’ve finally gotten our wish! And not only that, but something with a lot of wow factor. Join us a we take the plunge and loop-dee-loop our way around the LEGO Icons Fairground Collection 10303 Loop Coaster. This epic set contains 3756 pieces, has 11 minifigures, and will retail for US $399.99 | CAN $499.99 | UK £344.99. It will be available beginning July 5th.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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LEGO reveals 10303 Loop Coaster as next Fairground Collection set [News]

Today LEGO has revealed the next Fairground Collection set, 10303 Loop Coaster. With 3,756 pieces, this gigantic roller coaster includes the feature fans were clamoring for when LEGO released 10261 Roller Coaster in 2018: a full loop. In fact, the set has two of them, with the coaster’s riders lifted to the top of a 36-inch tall (92 cm) elevator tower then plummeting down a precipitous incline before going around two large loops. The set also includes 11 minifigures and can be motorized, though the motor elements are sold separately. It will retail for US $399.99 | CAN $499.99 | UK £344.99 when it’s available starting July 1.

See more images of the Loop Coaster below, and also check out more LEGO News on TBB.

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LEGO Creator Expert 10273 Haunted House from the Fairground Collection [Review]

For more than a decade, LEGO has been releasing amusement park ride sets, letting fans slowly assemble a massive minifigure-scale theme park. With the latest set, LEGO has formalized the theme under the heading Fairground Collection, and 10273 Haunted House is the first set to bear that moniker. The Haunted House features all manner of spooky decorations as well as a Tower of Terror-like ride inside its tall spire.  The mansion was the home of Baron Samuel von Barron, best known as the dastardly antagonist in the classic Adventurer’s theme. His house is filled with treasures he looted from all around the world and is haunted by the ghost of Pharoah Hotep, whose tomb he disturbed. Available now for LEGO VIP members, the set will be available broadly June 1, retailing for US $249.99 | CAN $299.99 | UK £209.99. It features 3,231 pieces and 9 minifigures, and can be optionally motorized with Powered Up elements.

So let’s take a look and see just how this Victorian manor now hides a terrifying drop ride and other mysteries.

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LEGO 10273 Haunted House is now available [News]

LEGO’s recently announced Creator Expert 10273 Haunted House is now available for LEGO VIPs (free to join). The newest spooky Fairground Collection free-fall ride comes with 3,231 pieces, nine minifigures plus a skeleton. The set retails for US $249.99 | CAN $299.99 | UK £209.99.

If you want to motorize the free-fall ride in the Haunted House, you’ll also need an 88009 Powered Up Hub (US $49.99 | CAN $69.99 | UK £44.99) and two 88008 Medium Linear Motors (US $16.99 | CAN $19.99 | UK £14.99), though the designers of the set say the free-fall ride is just as fun operated manually.

LEGO is also offering 30369 Beach Buggy as a gift with purchase for orders more than US $40 through June 7th or while supplies last.

Get a closer look at the Haunted House and the optional Powered Up Hub and Motors needed to make it move on it own

LEGO 10273 Haunted House revealed as next set in the Creator Expert Fairground Collection [News]

Get ready to scream for LEGO’s newest Fairground Collection expansion set, Creator Expert 10273 Haunted House. The 3,231-piece set comes with a working free-fall ride and nine minifigures plus a skeleton. The spooky set will sell for US $249.99 | CAN $299.99 | UK £209.99 and will be available to LEGO VIP members beginning May 20th with general availability starting June 1st.

The haunted house fairground ride opens up to reveal an organ, stained glass windows, a spooky portrait backlit by a light brick, and other terrifying details. The mechanics of the free-fall ride can be seen in the spinning product photo below, including the chain, gears, and flywheels (depicted in trans orange, though they will be black in the set).


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