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Come fly with MEE, let’s fly, let’s fly away...

A lot of the time when we see mecha here on TBB, they look as though they’re about go to an epic battle with a kaiju. But this one from Dicken Liu seems altogether more peaceful. In fact with what looks like a suitcase next to it, perhaps this is a holiday suit! In truth, Liu describes it as a Mars Exploration Exoskeleton, or MEE. No, not me, MEE! I’m not in there. I wouldn’t mind it though – it’s very stylish, considering it’s for space exploration, which is definitely not where you want form to come over function. The red and white colour blocking is excellent, and I love the use of a dragon head for the back of the helmet. It must be a nightmare when going checking in at the spaceport though. Do they still have luggage weight restrictions for flights to Mars? I’m not sure that case will fit in the overhead lockers. And that plant in its hand is definitely getting flagged up at customs.


This is one cool CAT

There’s something extra cool about LEGO creations that could easily double for high-end action figures. Omar R Ovalle knows just how to deliver that sort of build, as seen here in CAT. Part of their “Space Monkey and the Astronuts” theme, this is one heavy duty worker. There are a lot of clever tricks in play here, but one you might not expect is the use of black electrical tape to bypass sourcing some hard to find LEGO elements. Personally, that just feels like a smart extension of custom sticker use, which is also used here to great effect.


Omar cites Marco Marozzi as a source of inspiration for this creation. You can certainly see the influence when you look at some of Marco’s featured builds.  How about you? Inspired? What sort of mech do you want to build today?

Easily lift up to 10 tons with the Raptor Mobile Crane powersuit

Dutch builder Pico van Grootveld has been building a series of “Raptor” powersuits over the past few weeks, but his latest is definitely my favorite. The mobile crane variant looks great in yellow with the red crane boom, complemented by warning labels and a whole bunch of gears and other exposed machinery.

Raptor series: Mobile Crane

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When LEGO themes collide: Exo-Force + Friends = Exo-Friends

Tyler Sky has been thinking about Friends minidolls and the retired LEGO Exo-Force theme, and perhaps eating a little too much cheese before bed. “What if Exo-Force continued to evolve, and then got assimilated by Friends?” These six Exo-Friends were the result. The minidolls look very cute with their new hair styles even if some of their exosuits are rather more intimidating.

EXO-Friend - Group Shot

We have an eye-catching lime exosuit, loosely-based on the alternate build suggestion for 7712 Supernova. Those clawed toes look very flexible and give the impression this Exo-Friends character is not limited by gravity and can climb any obstacle.

Exo-Friend (3 of 6)

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LEGO racing exosuit jets ahead of the rest

You may have to look twice to believe you are looking at LEGO in this creation by Gamabomb. This intruiguing red, white and blue figure is actually a racing exosuit from Gamabomb’s fictional company Meuser Hardsuit Schmiedes (MHS).  The aim of this particular hardsuit is speed and it seems to be living up to its name – Sprinter. The presentation showing the Sprinter’s jet propulsion system really shows this fun build in its best light. I love the blue and white colour blocking with the little highlights of red adding a nice contrast.

Meuser Sprinter Race

Just to prove this is an exosuit with a pilot, you can see that the cockpit is contained within the central chest area.

Meuser Sprinter