When LEGO themes collide: Exo-Force + Friends = Exo-Friends

Tyler Sky has been thinking about Friends minidolls and the retired LEGO Exo-Force theme, and perhaps eating a little too much cheese before bed. “What if Exo-Force continued to evolve, and then got assimilated by Friends?” These six Exo-Friends were the result. The minidolls look very cute with their new hair styles even if some of their exosuits are rather more intimidating.

EXO-Friend - Group Shot

We have an eye-catching lime exosuit, loosely-based on the alternate build suggestion for 7712 Supernova. Those clawed toes look very flexible and give the impression this Exo-Friends character is not limited by gravity and can climb any obstacle.

Exo-Friend (3 of 6)

My own favourite comes next with a balanced mix of Bionicle and System elements all rolled into one. The blues compliment the Pearl Grey very nicely, making for the most classical mecha-looking of all the Exo-Friends.

Exo-Friend (5 of 6)

This yellow Exo-Friend was inspired by [amazon_textlink asin=’B000NO9FHC’ text=’LEGO 8106 Aero Booster’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’tbbwpplugin-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b47fbdeb-f83e-11e6-9401-9ff3660e2b43′]. The roller-feet deserve a special mention. This looks like a speedy mecha with a handy snowboard attached… just in case.

Exo-Friend (4 of 6)

The tallest of the Exo-Friends comes next and represents Tyler’s impression of the next level of evolution in the theme. However, I can’t help but think this minidoll is wearing her father’s suit! Good positioning of a tiny kitty for scale. Meow! I know you are busy being an Exo-Friend and everything, but I only have half a bowl of nibbles left.

Exo-Friend (6 of 6)

This purple and lilac tracked Exo-Friend is more of a vehicle than a suit, and is loosely-based on [amazon_textlink asin=’B000Y8GSDG’ text=’LEGO 8118 Hybrid Rescue Tank’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’tbbwpplugin-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’faaf3aa2-f83d-11e6-977c-37d07752f0dd’]. I love the bunny providing top-cover on the roof mounted weapons system.

Exo-Friend (1 of 6)

Finally, on the far right is Tyler’s spiky azure suit. This suit is not based on any particular set but was an attempt to capture in an “out of this world vehicle” that would fit into a Japanese animé cartoon. If  there was a points system for hairstyle matching your exo-suit then this one would definitely win.

Exo-Friend (2 of 6

So there we have it, six Exo-Friends to start off a new theme. Which one is your favourite?

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