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This cat mech has had enough of your shiz!

When I saw this LEGO cat mech by Dan Rubin I immediately thought of that meme of the lady yelling at a cat who seems perturbed by a plate of vegetables. That image, and just about every variation of it I’ve seen so far, has tickled my funny bone to no end. There’s just so much absurdity to it! I imagine the cat growing into a giant mech suit and then taking sweet revenge on Miss Whiny-Yelling-Crying-Pants. Point that finger at me, will you? Hah! The imagination soars with hilarious scenarios. Anyway, that meme is not where Dan took his inspiration, as it turns out. This idea spawned from the bunny mech from Sucker Punch and the fact that LEGO produced a snarling printed cat face on a half-dome. I can’t even fathom which set that part would have come from but surely some of you know so be sure to let us know in the comments.


Teal we meet again

LEGO builder Dan Rubin tells us that he had wanted to build something with teal (aka Dark Turquoise) for a long time. Along comes this Basilisk craft which was his first appempt at anything teal. I’d say his first attempt knocked it out of the park especially with the elegant shaping and greebly accents. All that teal looks great against the marigold (or bright yellow-orange), it gives it sort of a rockabilly/surf rock feel.


Great job, Dan! This is your well-earned chance to…basilisk in the sun. This is probably an inopportune time to point out that puns are the lowest form of humor and a sign of brain damage. I should probably look into that then. Whatever! Just check out this craft from all the good angles.