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Unloading on Scarif with the U-wing that could have been

Star Wars and LEGO have gone hand-in-hand for quite some time now. Uncountable LEGO User Groups are centered around the very concept of building models based on the Star Wars universe. Suffice it to say, there is a wealth of models inspired by the galaxy far, far away. As many ships as there are in George Lucas’ fever dream of a series, a whole can of worms opens up when you look into the concept designs for some of the most iconic vehicles. This ship, built by Jan Südmersen, was inspired by a concept design of the rebel U-wing fighter from Rogue One. Quite different from the movie design on a few fronts, the main difference is the lack of wing-like strike foils. For those that aren’t hip, the s-foils were apparently used more for increasing the shield profile of the ship and less so for aerodynamics in an atmosphere. I doubt this big boy needs much help from some wings, though, as it looks like it can take a few hits without a problem.

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A visual journey: 10 Years of LEGO Ninjago [News]

LEGO Celebrates its 10 year anniversary of Ninjago with a visual feast. We share with you designs, artwork, and insights on popular sets never revealed before. With more than 200 sets released in a decade of TV Series, a Hollywood animated movie, and many more tie-ins and merchandise, there’s no doubt that this original concept is a winner with many fans across the world.

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