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A LEGO creation of a great “scale”

When I think of LEGO’s Bionicle line, I think of the heroes defending Mata Nui from the Bohrok, not participating in their respective recreational hobbies. And yet here we find Toa Pehi scaling the face of a cliff in this creation by Deus Otiosus. This wonderful build marries together so many different styles: the character creation concepts making up Pehi, the multifaceted rock wall creating a shell of slopes and curves, the gradient of blue plates and bricks forming the mosaic of a sky, and the forced perspective technique employed for the forest below our climber. Each of these schools of LEGO building exist in harmony here, combining to make a truly stupendous work of art! Next up, will we see Toa Gali crocheting a sweater or Toa Lewa rocking out at karaoke?


Shinmizu Village

Some of the best builders are the ones who are constantly trying to push the envelope of what LEGO can do. And arguably, some of the best builds are a tale of two parts. When you get two great builders together, there is no telling what innovative works of art they might come up with. Shinmizu Village by the brother-sister duo of Geneva (Kai NRG/Geneva) and Isaiah (Robert4168/Garmedon)is a great example of such a creation. At first glance, it’s a beautiful little village on a cliff. But there is more to the story! According to the builders, it’s a mash-up between Venice and Japanese design. And apparently, achieving the angles of the layout was quite a feat!

Shinmizu Village

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