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The Nian beast roams again this Lunar New Year

According to Chinese lore, the Nian beast emerges each New Year’s to prey on the world of men, thwarted only by its fear of the color red. This was among the origins for that color’s prevalence in Chinese New Year’s celebrations, which this year falls on Feb. 5. This magnificent LEGO Nian by TBB-regular Jonas Kramm shows the creature in all its splendid glory, ready to wander the countryside in search of unfortunate humans to feed upon after its winter slumber. Everything about this model looks polished, but the tiny detail that struck me was the perfect manner in which the Bionicle ball sockets are integrated into the head to hold the teal eyes.

The Monster Nian

LEGO Chinese Spring Festival Special Edition 80101 Chinese New Years Eve Dinner [Review]

To aid LEGO’s ambitious goal of breaking into the enormous Chinese market of potential customers, LEGO is kicking off 2019 with a series of three exclusive sets celebrating the Chinese New Year. All three are only available in the Asia Pacific region. Today we’re looking at the first of these sets, 80101 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner. It contains 616 pieces and retails for CNY 699 (about $100 USD) in China, with similar prices in other Asian markets.

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LEGO 40235 Year of the Dog free with orders of $88 or more [News]

The LEGO Shop online has launched their third major gift with purchase in February, offering this cute, brick-built Shiba-inu in honor of the Lunar New Year. 40235 Year of the Dog is free with orders of $88 or more, a nod that the number 8 is considered to be the luckiest in China and other parts of Asia.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai! (恭喜发财!) – Wishing all a prosperous Lunar New Year

To keep up with cultural traditions, Chinese folks adorn their homes during the new year with decor that has deep significance. Builder Shirley Yoong creates a lovely assortment that would fit around a home easily!  The red lantern is chosen to prevent ‘bad luck’ from entering homes. Red is chosen for its symbolism of being the color of prosperity, happiness, and success. The Lucky Bamboo is a considered to be good Feng Shui that brings luck and wisdom and peace into homes. Last but not least are the Mandarin Oranges, which in Cantonese or Mandarin is pronounced “kam” which also sounds like the word “gold”. When brought and offered in homes during visits, it symbolises one bringing the inhabitants of the home luck and prosperity!

From the team at The Brothers Brick, wishing all our readers a prosperous Year of the Dog with wealth, health and luck (and lots of LEGO bricks too) throughout the year!!

LEGO Chinese Red Lantern (Life-Size)

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