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Find coastal serenity at the Black Falcon’s chapel

TBB regular Andreas Lenander shares with us what appears to be a continuation of his LEGO Black Falcons seafaring creation. Titled “Falcon Chapel,” it depicts what seems to be an island with a coastal structure. Rockwork in the foreground, a sand trail, and coastal greenery (utilizing barrels for the trunks of the palm trees) draw as much attention as the white stone building. This structure’s brilliant color would serve as the focal point of the build, were it not for the flowering vines growing on the side of the chapel and the multicolored roof. It gives the scene a weathered look, bring realism to the building. I assume the lantern-bearer at the edge of the small wooden dock is patiently awaiting the visitors from Andreas’s prior build.

Falcon chapel

Everdell Chapel in the brick

Next to LEGO I am a huge board game nerd, and I love it when hobbies collide. Isaac and John Snyder drew inspiration from one of my favourite board games. Everdell is a worker placement game in which you build the homes of the many forest critters that inhabit the forest of Everdell. The artwork was done by Andrew Bosley and Dann May. The playing cards depict forest locations but also its inhabitants. The illustrations on the cards look truly as if they came straight out of a fairy tale. I can surely see why Isaac and John would draw inspiration from it. In this creation we see the Everdell chapel which is built on a rock in a foggy lake. A grey Belville tower roof has been incorporated in the landscaping and to me it is mind boggling that this large piece blends in with the scenery so well.

Everdell Chapel

The resemblance to the source material is really amazing. The Tudor style is done exceptionally well, and including yellowed and damaged white bricks to depict the decay of the building is really clever. On the playing card there are no animals included but it is nice to get some forest critters in there to make the scene appear more alive. They even get cute custom outfits made out of capes and rubber bands. I am curious to see if these two will keep drawing inspiration from this lovely board game. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t mind!