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Cad, the Bane of his bounties

Anyone else excited for the Bad Batch to return on Wednesday? I know I sure am. Bounty hunter Cad Bane made a surprise appearance in the show’s first season, and just in time for the third and final one, Flickr builder gGh0st has come up with a superb rendition of the Duros. He’s even got his trusty, sassy sidekick Todo! The semi-circular jumper plates are great choices for the droid’s eyes/face. There’s loads of clever parts use, but I would question Bane’s choice of fitting a thermal detonator to his wrist. In his line of work, that’s surely asking for trouble…

Cad Bane & Todo

LEGO Con 2022 debuts new prequel-era Star Wars sets, including 75323 The Justifier from season 1 of The Bad Batch [News]

At LEGO Con 2022, the company has just announced two new LEGO Star Wars sets: 75337 LEGO® Star Wars™ AT-TE™ Walker and 75323 LEGO® Star Wars™ The Justifier™. While this will mark the 5th iteration of the AT-TE in minifigure-scale, this is the first time we see one crewed by the legendary Commander Cody. It’s been over a decade since Obi-Wan’s right-hand clone has made an appearance on the shelves. Another familiar LEGO face last seen about 10 years ago, Cad Bane, pilots the Justifier. We also see a brand new Omega minifigure in this set, having been excluded from the previously released 75314 The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle. Both sets clock in at over 1,000 pieces, and will be available for purchase August 1st.

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From the desert comes an awesome build

The Book of Boba Fett gave us plenty of memorable moments, especially when it tied in with other Star Wars properties. The event that generated the most buzz was almost certainly Cad Bane making his long-awaited live-action debut, an event which has been immortalized in LEGO by Steven Howard. The shaping is great and every little detail has been captured, from the bandolier and wrist pads to Bane’s menacing red eyes. His perfectly poised fingers are represented by saucepans, albeit in a colour that only exists in the digital realm. Despite its digital format, the creation still manages to look dynamic – look at how his overcoat billows in the gentle Tatooine breeze!

Cad Bane

Relax. On this slime pool, everybody’s an outlaw.

The wealth of characters from the Star Wars universe is almost never-ending and fans of the animated series are sure to recognize this infamous villain. An icon of the Clone Wars series, Cad Bane proved a formidable foe to Obi-wan and Anakin on a multitude of occasions. Respected by fellow bounty hunters and often employed by the Sith, this rough and tough fighter knew his way through the galaxy from the swamps of Nal Hutta to the underbelly of Coruscant. Immortalized here in brick form by Magnus W, this digital build uses some clever parts usage to achieve an uncanny likeness of Bane. Stand-out pieces are the pirate hats on either side of his chest as well as the Minifigure hoods used as his shoulders. Hinged bricks, angled slope tiles, and modified plates make up most of his jacket. The blue Magnus used in Bane’s face perfectly contrasts with the bright red eyes peeking out from the shadow of his iconic broad-rimmed hat. The satisfying color blocking does well mimicking the character’s design.

Cad Bane Bust

The rear of the bust holds a few extra details and reveals how the head was modeled. A mix of modified bars, hinges, and inverted plates allowed Magnus to attach Bane’s eyes and hat to the inverted pieces in his neck, jaw, and nose. The hose attached to the angled bars with studs not only works perfectly as his breathing apparatus but also forms the core of the connection between the top and bottom of his head. The bricks laid on their sides for the base are also a satisfying way to mount this fantastic bust.

Cad Bane Bust (Back)

Though much smaller than the helmet busts the LEGO Group released in the last year or so this model would still make a great addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection.