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Bubbles always bounces back

No matter how many times they get hit, the Powerpuff girls always get back up. But the three girls made from sugar, spice, and a splash of Chemical X are not the only ones. Their arch-nemesis Mojo Jojo also took quite a few hits, and always seemed to turn up. Iron builder Dan Ko knocks another one out of the park with this whimsical scene featuring the youngest and sweetest Powerpuff girl, Bubbles, and her old pal Mojo. The seed part here is the big green fig hand circling Mojo’s eyes, and peeking out on either side of his headband.

Can't burst my Bubbles

A space rover that really pops.

You’ll feel like you’re floating on air as you traverse the harshest alien landscapes in this bubble-based rover by Andreas Lenander. With Febrovery upon us, your social media feed is probably filled with new builds that pay tribute to classic space rovers. One way for a rover creation to stand out from the pack is an unconventional wheel. These giant trans-clear half spheres are a perfect candidate for that. Not only do they give the rover a lift up, but they let us see through, so we can admire the detail of the cracked landscape, made from slopes laid on their sides. One has to wonder though, with such a bubbly ride in such a fascinating landscape, what’s got that spaceman looking so angry?

Bubble rover

This LEGO bubble wand is super slick with parts that stick

At first glance, it is easy to mistake this LEGO re-creation of a bubble wand by Anthony SÉJOURNÉ as the real thing. It certainly looks the part, complete with a simple bottle and bubbles made from a variety of transparent domes, radar dishes, and cockpit canopies. Comprised of approximately 21 elements, this is the perfect creation for the start of spring.

Lego soap bubbles - atana studio