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LEGO stop-motion animation has a long history, going all the way back to LEGO’s own collaboration with Steven Spielberg in the 1990s. Whether you’re into music videos or iconic scenes from your favorite video games, you’ll find lots of great LEGO videos here on The Brothers Brick.

BrickAnimation.com: a blog for brickfilms

If you like Lego stop-motion animations and want to see the best films from the community gathered in one place along with tutorials and more, then check out BrickAnimation.com: a blog written by experienced animators David Pagano (Paganomation) and David Pickett (fallentomato). The blog has built up content since its launch in August, so take a look at the latest talks among the brickfilms community.

The Cranky Cave Troll – new LOTR short from BrotherhoodWorkshop

The guys over at BrotherhoodWorkshop are at it again, with another hilarious stop-motion Lord of the Rings video. This time, we learn a little bit more of the story behind the very angry cave troll who storms into Balin’s Tomb in the Mines of Moria.

Via my lovely wife.

Funny LEGO LOTR stop motion shows orcs’ true nature

BrotherhoodWorkshop has created a funny little stop-motion video that proves we might have a lot to learn about orcs.

Egos Collide

Zane Houston has done a rather hilarious Super Heroes video for a contest on FBTB.net. I could watch this over and over…I especially like when the Hulk starts whooping Superman’s behind :-D

I also like Zane’s camera rig that he made for the video shoot :D

Paganomation needs your support for “Little Guys... In Space!”

David Pagano of Paganomation launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to raise money for his upcoming video project called “Little Guys… In Space!” If you are unfamiliar with David’s videos, you should check out the original “Little Guys!” and his commissioned works. Learn more about the project from the video below and visit the campaign page to show your support.

The top video games of 2011 recreated in LEGO

Organizers for the 15th Interactive Achievement Awards approached Alex Kobbs back in October to create a montage of the top video games of the year, animated in LEGO. Alex used clips from some of his earlier animations, including the super-awesome Gears of War 3, and a whole batch of new animation to create the opening sequence shown in Last Vegas earlier this month.

And don’t miss Alex’s making of video.

Bricks of War brings Gears of War 3 to life in epic LEGO animation

When I haven’t been working, sleeping, building, or blogging, most of my waking hours over the past month have been spent playing Gears of War 3. My favorite things often inspire LEGO creations, a tendency I seem to share with LEGO stop-motion animator Kooberz Studios (aka Alex Kobbs), whose “Bricks of War” is going viral — for good reason!

It’s hard to miss Marcus’ Hammer of Dawn taking out the Corpser, but watch for some cool details like aiming the frag grenade and a Retro Lancer execution.

The making-of film itself has some excellent stop-motion sequences:

Time-lapse video: Building 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

I spent a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday at BrickCon building 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van, assisted toward the end by an able young spacer (I build slowly — really slowly — savoring the build, or something). Marshall Matlock has managed to squeeze the build into a minute and a half.

CGI Train

Ben Beneke is one of the greats of LEGO train building, with even his old steamers still standing out as some of the best. I’d been wondering what had happened to Ben recently (he usually posts at least one new train a year) but apparently he’s been spending time making excellent animations using LDraw and POVray. An animation like this is really hard to do in POVray. I know, I’ve tried.

Country-style buildin’

David Pagano (Paganomation) posted an stop-motion Lego music video about country-style building. This will surely get you out of a building block and inspire you to do some building on top of your building!

Breaking and entering with LEGO

I have an odd interest in the intersection of crime and LEGO, so I’m thrilled by this clip from the 1979 Danish film The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders (Olsen-banden overgiver sig aldrig) featuring a LEGO assisted commercial burglary.

Thanks for the tip, Joel!

Printed Circuit video clip made entirely from LEGO

Stop-motion filmmaker and AFOL Chris Salt (0ldScratch) has created an entirely brick-animated video clip for one of the latest tracks by Printed Circuit. This is some of the smoothest brick animation I’ve seen and the use of the M-Tron torsos is brilliant.

Suggested by Pete Reid and my apologies to Pete, Chris and our readers for taking so very long to finally get it posted.