Printed Circuit video clip made entirely from LEGO

Stop-motion filmmaker and AFOL Chris Salt (0ldScratch) has created an entirely brick-animated video clip for one of the latest tracks by Printed Circuit. This is some of the smoothest brick animation I’ve seen and the use of the M-Tron torsos is brilliant.

Suggested by Pete Reid and my apologies to Pete, Chris and our readers for taking so very long to finally get it posted.

8 comments on “Printed Circuit video clip made entirely from LEGO

  1. JimmytheJ

    I love this one, have do for quite a while.

    Really want to find out just how those faces are made, and wrapped around the minifig heads. Then I could try lip-syncing! ^_^

  2. Marin

    I expected a video that’s really made entirely of LEGO (I wouldn’t count the special effects as LEGO (faces, shower etc.)). And what piece are the fries and the sponge?

  3. gambort Post author

    ^ It sounds like you need to get out more. The fries are, as stated on the video, LEGO rubber bands. The sponge I’m not so sure about.

  4. Marin

    ^ True, but still I wouldn’t call it entirely from LEGO. :) I don’t know, I was just disappointed to see the animated face. I suck. :|

  5. printed circuit

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments about this film. I just wanted to say that if you want more info about the music or animators involved you can head to – I also currently have a limited stock of Coffee Hole t-shirts designed by Oblong Pictures which I thought may be of interest to fans of the film. Thank you for your support, I am very grateful to you for posting this vid on your site!

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