Egos Collide

Zane Houston has done a rather hilarious Super Heroes video for a contest on I could watch this over and over…I especially like when the Hulk starts whooping Superman’s behind :-D

I also like Zane’s camera rig that he made for the video shoot :D

3 comments on “Egos Collide

  1. zane houston

    Thanks Tromas! I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I have to give credit where credit is due, it was actually my roommate who threw most of the stand together (with a few design inputs on my behalf). He’s been toying with the turntable for a while now and wanted to put it to use, I was just going to use something simple but was happy to see this :)

  2. searme

    That’s not a camera rig, that’s a cellphone rig. Save “camera rig” for people who actually use cameras – they still exist.

  3. Tromas Post author

    ^ Except the rig is to be used while utilizing the “camera” function of the phone…hence “camera rig”

    Now if he was crawling along the floor with his ear pressed up to the phone while talking to his Great Aunt Edna in Topeka Kansas…then yes, it would be a “cellphone rig”.

    But that would be silly, because who needs a rig to talk to Great Aunt Edna anyways??? ;D

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