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Someone drained the pool of color!

Usually, black and white images are just a camera effect, but this LEGO billiards table by euphonica┬áis photographed in full color, but the build itself is grayscale. That’s a neat way to dodge the lack of voodoo balls (the official name of those Bionicle ball joint elements) in all the necessary colors for a proper pool table. Color aside, though, this pool table looks just about good enough to play.

"for those of you watching in black and white...

In a fishing town, where the sharks go to practice their 8-ball

A couple months ago we featured a spectacular LEGO shipyard, built by Arjan Oude Kotte. Adding on to his harbor town, his most recent creation is this awesome billiards hall. The architecture of this building has its own sense of style, as it perfectly resembles what you might think of when you hear, “Hamilton’s Billiards”.

Hamilton's Billiard

There are lots of great side-builds used to create the signage and siding of the structure, especially the lettering. The roof shingles look fantastic as well! And, as always, the billiards hall fits seamlessly with the rest of the town. Our only wish is that we could see what fun lies inside!

Hamilton's Billiard

We’re really impressed by Arjan’s attention to detail, and the story that he tells with his work. For this reason we’ve requested an interview! Stay tuned for a chance to learn more about this awesome builder.

“Just got paid, Friday night.”

If you’re not gone already, make your escape from the salt-mine and blow off some steam tonight. If you can’t afford to live the high-life, then your friends on the other side of the tracks are always ready to set things off. If you are headed in that direction, why not stop at Filip Gabryel’s Gabry$ billiard hall for an adult beverage and a rack or two. As the builder says “Focus man, focus on the spheres“…


“Fat man, you shoot a great game of pool.”

Alex Eylar (Profound Whatever) returns from a brief hiatus with this slick pool table. Good to have you back Alex, those cushions are top-notch. It’s Saturday night here in the States, rack em’ up!

A Game of Pool