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Can I get an E-wing, but with extra E, please?

You may have noticed a distinctly blue-green tint to some of our featured LEGO starfighters lately. The likes of Inthert, Mansur Soeleman, and now Alec Hole are building up a Star Wars squadron based around the best colour in LEGO’s palette: teal. This one is loosely based on the E-wing that finally entered the Star Wars canon in the Ahsoka series. I say loosely, as it’s a tad bigger than the in-universe design. Bigger engines, bigger hold, bigger guns. So naturally, it had to be called the Capital E-wing! A nice tongue-in-cheek name for a very fine starfighter.

Teal 9 - Capital E-Wing - 01

Will we ever stop exploring LEGO’s Galaxy Explorer?

When it first debuted in 1978, this most infamous LEGO theme was known as Space. But after a while, factions later, we started referring to it as Classic Space. And after the shade of light gray changed and more curves became available, it morphed into Neo-Classic Space. But now, after the Galaxy Explorer set has hit store shelves, I think we’ve hit the start of the Neo-Neo-Classic Space age. That’s certainly what it feels like in Alec Hole‘s stellar (and interstellar) Explorer Mk 4. Bursting with all kinds of sci-fi textures, this blue and gray starship represents yet another point in Space’s evolutionary timeline. The double cockpit, done up in the traditional trans-yellow, is a superb choice. And I quite like all the light gray gear bits worked in throughout the wings.

Explorer Mk 4

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