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I love it when a van comes together

If I squeeze my brain juices and try to think hard of famous pop-culture vans that stand out, only two that come to mind — Scooby Doo’s The Mystery Machine and the GMC van from the A-Team TV Series. While they both have their official LEGO versions, nothing beats a great custom-built version. This GMC by Adam Grabowski (whose day job is as a LEGO set designer in Billund) pretty much nails it as a minifigure-scale build.

The_A_TEAM-GMC (0)

I can almost hear John “Hannibal” Smith’s very own voice calling out, “I love it when a van comes together.”

The_A_TEAM-GMC (8)

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I ain’t gettin’ on no plane, fool!

Fortunately, B.A. Baracus won’t have to fly, thanks to this great A-Team van by sanellukovic. The builder achieves the unique angled color scheme of the van with some ingenious techniques — a red tile sandwiched between sideways-facing slopes facing opposite directions. The van is showcased on a nice base, with some great purist minifigs.


Of course, we’ll soon have an official LEGO A-Team LEGO Dimensions fun pack with a B.A. Baracus minifig and miniature version of his van, but in the meantime it’s great to see a purist Mr. T.

New LEGO Dimensions packs revealed including Harry Potter, A-Team, Mission Impossible, Adventure Time and Ghostbusters [News]

A whole new wave of LEGO Dimensions expansion packs have been revealed, bringing several new licensed themes to the LEGO universe in Story, Level, and Fun packs. If you’ve always wanted a LEGO Mr. T, now you can make your dream a reality. And if you still haven’t delved into the fantastic world of LEGO Dimensions, now is a great time since many of the original wave of Dimensions packs are nearly 50 percent off.

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