I love it when a van comes together

If I squeeze my brain juices and try to think hard of famous pop-culture vans that stand out, only two that come to mind — Scooby Doo’s The Mystery Machine and the GMC van from the A-Team TV Series. While they both have their official LEGO versions, nothing beats a great custom-built version. This GMC by Adam Grabowski (whose day job is as a LEGO set designer in Billund) pretty much nails it as a minifigure-scale build.

The_A_TEAM-GMC (0)

I can almost hear John “Hannibal” Smith’s very own voice calling out, “I love it when a van comes together.”

The_A_TEAM-GMC (8)

2 comments on “I love it when a van comes together

  1. Purple Dave

    I’ve never seen the movie, but a few years ago I saw a van covered in shag carpeting and decorated to look like a giant dog. I eventually found out by pure random coincidence that it’s from Dumb and Dumber. The one other van I can think of that people would recognize on sight is the Dharma VW microbus from ABC’s Lost (the even split between the upper white section and lower blue vs the standard V-shaped dip makes it distinctive enough to me that the next thing I look for is the octagonal logo).

    Besides that, I don’t know which is more odd, the fact that out of the four “best movie/TV van” lists I found, two of them were published by car rental companies, or that two of them counted the original Ecto-1 as a van. On second thought, it’s definitely the latter.

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