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The Brothers Brick is not just about featuring custom builds and bringing you the latest LEGO News, we also love to investigate, interview and discuss!  These feature articles are all interesting reads that you can look back and enjoy reading without digging through our archives. So sit back, relax and click on an image if it catches your attention.


LEGO 2017 Financial Results – Simplified and made easy!

LEGO 2017 Financial Results Simplified Breakdown

When Life imitates LEGO – the OCTAN Gas Company

Minifigure hairstyles – which styles were a cut above the rest in 2017?


An investigation into the origins of the LEGO Foot Soldier comic 

A conversation with Matthew Hocker – a LEGO ephemera collector

Case Closed: The investigation on Mulder and Scully and their LEGO minifigures

The Jacobite Risings took 5 builders 10 months to build using 1 million LEGO bricks


LEGO Hercules travels to the South Pole

LEGO Hercules travels to the South Pole

LEGO-made gingerbread houses decorate the White House, plus an interview with the design team