Let your inner child explore the galaxy in this Neo-Classic Space pod

Have a ball with this neo-classic space explorer pod from The Brick Artisan (@the_brick_artisan)

So Atlantis and Neo-Classic Space walk into a bar...

Check out this fusion of organic and machine in Rubblemaker’s Neo-Classic Space spaceship. It’s alive!

Neo-Classic Space rock(et)s!

Explore the planetary surface and launch some huge rockets with this Neo-Classic Space rover by billyburg!

Neo-classic space drill inspection

When it comes to classic space LEGO, Andreas Lenander certainly knows the drill, as this superb mining rover proves.

Neo-Classic Space Viper takes things to a grand scale

Tim Goddard gets all swooshable with this beauty in classic space livery. At first the intricate detailing and lovely presentation might distract you from the scale of this vessel. That is no minifig pilot. Tim used one of the keychain figures to bump up the scale on this ship and he did a very nice Continue reading →

A Neo-Classic Space resurgence?

There’s been a spate of really great Neo-Classic Space models over this last week or so, and I hadn’t realized I missed it quite as much as I apparently do. The latest update to a classic set is Chris Edwards‘s update to 6928 Uranium Search Vehicle. As much as I love the vehicle — from Continue reading →

Neo-Classic Space Aeon Hoverbike

Dutch builder zenn has been tossing out hoverbike variations built around the motorcycle chassis for over a year, but his latest Neo-Classic Space variation has so many lovely details I can’t pass it up. The fairing over the rear of the bike is some sort of Bionicle piece, and I love the old-style plastic cape Continue reading →

Microscale Neo-Classic Space creations by Pete Reid

It’s hard to imagine the Neo-Classic Space LEGO creations by Peter Reid (legoloverman) scaled down with just as much detail, but Pete himself has accomplished this with a series of lovely little microscale vehicles.

Thomas Oechsner’s May Neo-Classic Space project

The end of March didn’t mean the end of great Neo-Classic Space LEGO creations. LEGO fans have continued building some great models, not least of which is Thomas Oechsner‘s latest project — a new Neo-Classic Space model just about every day so far this month. See all of Thomas’s Neo-Classic Space models on Flickr.

Pete Reid Neo-Classic Space roundup for August 31, 2008

The last time I blogged Pete Reid, I got to quote Paradise Lost. No such luck this time, but that doesn’t mean that Pete hasn’t been up to his usual greebly tricks in the last month. Pete’s latest is the MkII Hover Loader: In addition to the loader, every spaceport needs a variety of support Continue reading →

Neo-Classic Space LL-497 by Peter Reid

Peter Reid‘s series of Neo-Classic Space vehicles evoke simultaneous feelings of awe, jealousy, and nostalgia. For Pete’s latest, he gives 497 Galaxy Explorer the contemporary treatment: Pete’s use of modern bricks and current building techniques, applied to the shapes and colors of LEGO from the Classic Space era, results in creations that combine the best Continue reading →

The rainbow hues of Neo-Classic Space

I always wanted a green Classic Space minifig. Peter Reid seems to have felt the same, so he’s made a number of custom minifigs in alternative colors: Of course, Pete’s been busy building his usual, fantastic New-Classic Space vehicles as well: Via YSAB.