Neo-Classic Space is so old-hat

Classic Space has had a well-established revival among AFOLs in the form of Neo-Classic Space. Recently though, another vintage LEGO space theme has been having its own revival – Ice Planet 2002. Dale Harris has come up with an excellent idea for the story behind this resurrection! Rather than referring to it as Ice Planet 2022 (too obvious), he has coined the term Ice Planet Badlands. It’s described as a ‘post-apocalyptic Ice Planet’, which sounds frankly awesome. This Surefoot TR3 rover is part of this proposed future, with the classic blue, white and neon orange colours paired with some more utilitarian rusty metal. Perhaps the intrepid minifigure explorers got stranded on the Ice Planet, and have had to use their increasingly out-dated vehicles to try and find a way home. I cannot wait to see more!

Surefoot TR3 rover

6 comments on “Neo-Classic Space is so old-hat

  1. Scartoil

    Not so exciting, this création doesnt match with ice planet 2002, the spirit from 90 with the long ships and proud explorer is gone, it look more like a ice planet Mad max. Clearly not a true ice planet reference

  2. saxus

    I have to defend him: he is making a diorama with an abandoned and re-explored IP2002 base. So yeah, it have a bit “Mad max” feeling, but if you look for the big picture, it have it’s own place.

  3. Chris Doyle

    I don’t agree with the critique either. I wasn’t really in the the hobby during the original Ice Planet days, but this was still instantly recognizable as an update to the theme. Very much a “what if NASA landed on an ice planet” vibe to me.

  4. HarrisBricks

    I don’t really understand the negative responses, as I have set out my aims, and at no point have I said that I am looking to just mimic sets from 1993 (and no offense is intended to anyone who enjoys doing that, it is just not what I am choosing to do).

    My aim is to take Ice Planet in a different direction (hence why I gave it a new name), we are after-all 30 years on from Ice Planet 2002 at this point.

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