VO-Eighty reconnaissance fighter by Dasnewten

The latest odd and awesome spaceship from Rob (dasnewten) is this unconventional “light fighter/reconnaissance type” vehicle. As different and equally cool as they both are, this could almost be from the same space force as Joel Larsson’s Sleipnir.

Dasnewten’s Taiidan Gunship lets us imagine a LEGO Homeworld game

Rob (Dasnewten) has built a gorgeous gunship inspired by ships in Homeworld: With brick-built numbers, tank treads on the cannon, and truly complex SNOT on the cockpit, Rob’s gunship is an amazing LEGO creation. The fact that it’s inspired by Homeworld is just a minor bonus. Best tip of the week, Carter!

Rob Dasnewten on Concept Ships

We’ve blogged Rob Dasnewten here many times. One of my favourite non-LEGO blogs, the accurately named Concept Ships, has gone one step further and published an excellent roundup of his work. Nice work, Rob. The ship pictured above is Rob’s latest: the GP-21 Shrike.

AG-89 Ghost fighter by dasnewten

Rob presents a small, brilliantly designed fighter: The custom stickers add great detail to an already excellent model reminiscent of World War II fighters.

TGV-66 Wildsau by DasNewten

DasNewten tries his hand at a style reminiscent of nnenn‘s microscale ships. And I say he succeeded rather nicely. Just one picture doesn’t do this little beauty justice, so click the photo above to check out more on Flickr.

Dasnewten’s Tusker space fighter – family sized package

A while ago Rob M, or Dasnewten, revealed a good-looking fighter, fantastic in its dark grey glory: It’s a beauty to be sure, and he even made a few variations on it. I like them all – Rob really shows that a good design can be pulled off in several colour schemes: And then, just Continue reading →

What if Optimus Prime had samurai armour? Here’s your answer.

Psyro TtunTomato (@psyrottuntomato) portrays a samurai version of Optimus Prime in this creative build. Decepticons, beware!


Prep your wrestling voice because George Panteleon (zitovince) has built a bust of Leonidas of Sparta and now I need some honey and a lozenge for reasons you’ll probably figure out yourselves soon.

We’re digging the gold on this retro register

Mehdi Rustamov (@dimexart) is ringing up the sales on this beautiful golden cash register

Leaving LEGO Masters S2: We sit down with the second place team [Feature]

The finale of LEGO Masters Season 2 has aired. We sit down with the second place team and chat about their LEGO journey from LEGO Masters and beyond.

Got weird grody space-milk?

Iain Heath (@ochre.jelly) tickles our funny bones again and maybe even squigs us out a bit with this dubius scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Minidoll parts you just have to have

@the_legolady might have been a blacksmith in a previous life