Dasnewten’s Tusker space fighter – family sized package

A while ago Rob M, or Dasnewten, revealed a good-looking fighter, fantastic in its dark grey glory:

It’s a beauty to be sure, and he even made a few variations on it. I like them all – Rob really shows that a good design can be pulled off in several colour schemes:

And then, just because he could, veteran space builder Paul Hartzog also took his hand at it:

This model is getting quite a following! Perhaps everyone should build their own version and bring it to the next convention?

(Now that the hectic school is over, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do here. Stay tuned as I bring you the best of the past futuristic models. I’ve missed this.)

5 comments on “Dasnewten’s Tusker space fighter – family sized package

  1. smcginnis

    That’s an extremely cool fighter… oh, yeah, and glad you’re back!


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