Celebrate Bionicle’s 20th anniversary with a map of Mata Nui island made from pieces of the LEGO 31203 World Map [News]

Today LEGO fans come together to celebrate the LEGO Bionicle theme that ended its run in 2010. Since then, August 10th or 8/10 in American date notation format is bestowed by fans to be 810NICLE day. Builders and designers commemorate their much-beloved franchise with builds, art, and varied ways to revive their love for the theme. Joining the celebrations, LEGO designer Nicolas Vás used LEGO elements from the 31203 World Map and transformed it into a map of Mata Nui island, the locale for the early years of Bionicle adventures.

Map of Mata Nui island from Bionicle using pieces from LEGO Art 31203

Nick also painstakingly created instructions in the style of the LEGO Art interactive experience. You can try your hand at building the Mata Nui map mosaic while relaxing to beach ambience, a callback to the Toa (six protagonists of Bionicle’s first year) waking up on a beach.

The unique experience can be accessed from both a desktop browser or a mobile device. While Nick is a LEGO Designer that creates official LEGO sets – he reminds us all that this is a fan build made with love and not an official sanctioned product of LEGO.

Nick celebrated 810NICLE day last year by recreating iconic Kanohi using LEGO Art Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (31197) LEGO Mosaic set. Instructions for these can be found on his Twitter feed.

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