Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your…long chain of bricks

A classic fairy tale gets the LEGO treatment with this towering six foot tall brick-built minifigure-scale structure created by Martin Harris and inspired by the Disney film Tangled. Not only do we get the famous tower in this work, we also get a nice landscape – the forest in which Rapunzel was tucked away, complete with colorful trees and a nice riverbed utilizing many nature-inspired elements including flower pieces, plants, and tree-limb elements in varying colors.

The top of the tower in which Rapunzel dwells, features a beautiful roof fashioned out of brilliant purple slopes, tiles, and cones, while the tower itself is comprised of tan and light grey bricks along with some LEGO foliage rendering vinery. It is unclear which elements compose Rapunzel’s flowingly and exceptionally long hair, but the inclusion is both appreciated and integral. While both monstrously tall and colossally detailed, Harris’s build seems to be an accurate portrayal of the structure from the film.

Rapunzels Tower