The Brothers Brick’s top 10 most popular LEGO Features of 2020 [News]

The Brothers Brock features section is where our contributors dive a little deeper into a particular area or people of interest via interviews. If you’re ready to sink into details and a longer read about the community and topics of interest, we’re sure you’ll find an article or two that would capture your specific interest. Let’s take a look at the ten most popular feature articles that we produced in 2020.

#10. LEGO Masters: An interview with finalists Tyler and Amy

Coming in at number 10, the winners of the first-ever LEGO Masters competition in the USA. No doubt everyone wants to learn a little more about our champion couple and their winning formula.

#9. The Brothers Brick Explore: LEGO Classic Space

A favourite of many, LEGO Classic Space is one that continues to live on in the custom creation world. We do a brief blast to the past refresher for those new in the scene and we speak to a couple of prominent folks and hear about the love of all things blue, grey and transparent yellow (the signature color theme of  Classic Space)

#8. Behind the scenes of LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay with designers Milan Madge and Austin Carlson

We go behind the scenes and speak to the LEGO designers of the Pirates of Barracuda Bay which brings back the beloved Pirate themes in its most modern iteration thus far.

#7. Storage and building in small spaces: a look at LEGO organization with guest contributor Kevin Moses

Everyone has their own system and approach for organising LEGO parts, and Kevin appears as a guest article contributor sharing with us a unique perspective if you’re living in tiny apartments and how do you make the most of it if you’re big at heart with LEGO.

#6. It takes all sorts of sorts: LEGO organization and me, Chris Doyle

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s about going big or going home! Our very own contributor Chris shares with us his tips and tricks of his treasured space at home.

#5. How to organise and sort your LEGO collection, by the Mad Physicist 

We realised that with the lockdown and time spent at home, readers are keen to find out more about sorting and arrangements of parts. Our very own Builder in Residence, Ralph Savelsberg started the initiative to share and document an important part of LEGO storage – space management and organisation of a system that works for him.

#4. Everything you want to know about LEGO Masters judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard

It’s pretty obvious that the crowd is also curious about our two judges from LEGO Masters USA. We speak to both Jamie and Amy and a lot more about what goes behind the scenes.

#3. Create your own mosaic masterpiece with Lego Art Remix

With the launch of LEGO’s own Creative Art Mosaic series LEGO fans all over wanted a piece of custom art made into LEGO Mosaics. We spoke to a programmer and tested a very simple tool that gets the job done and it’s been a huge success to see how many have found this useful.

#2. Everything you want to know about LEGO Super Mario

It’s not often that you see LEGO take on a prominent IP and when they do, you’d definitely want to know everything there is to know about it and this article does just that.

#1. LEGO’s new adult product strategy: Why LEGO is retiring Creator Expert

A bold strategic move to reshape a market to cater more openly to an Adult market is met with so many questions and opinions. We dive deep to bring you insightful information.

There you have it, our Top 10 feature articles from 2020 that captured the most interest from our viewers. Features are evergreen and always provide new information and insights that you never knew, so if like any of these, remember to check out our Top 10 list of 2019 and share with us any ideas, thoughts or features that you’d like to see in the future. Leave them in the comment below and we’ll be sure to consider them.