Metamorphosis Falcon

In the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Millennium Falcon lands on a coast, somewhere on the planet Savareen. The view of the ocean behind the Falcon is a brief, peaceful rest stop for the weary yet indomitable ship. While its stay is temporary in the 2018 film, we now have new vision of the Millennium Falcon as a house. Lmcpicture‘s creation makes the most recognizable parts of the Millennium Falcon livable. The starboard side airlock serves as the entrance, which leads either to a bedroom or a back deck. The blue 1×4 tiles are visual references to the beaming blasts on the original ship’s rear drive units.

Millennium falcon house

The interior layout of the house is different what we’ve come to see in the movies. Sections are revamped with bedrooms, a tiny bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and a few lounge areas. No control room in sight in case you’re hoping this bucket of bolts will be capable of making the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, again. The exterior still maintains its iconic light and dark grey color scheme with layers of tan and burgundy. The area surrounding the Millennium Falcon is surrounded by plant life elements. LEGO palm trees and flower gardens are overgrown, nestling the Falcon in a green oasis. The beach is just steps away. The house is made of 4,000 bricks. The entire build consists of 12,000 bricks. Light fixtures installed in and around the MOC make this renovated ship actually like a warm home in a galaxy, not so far, far away.

Millennium falcon house

Millennium falcon house

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  1. Håkan

    Although it’s a different franchise, this makes me think of the invisible USS Franklin from the Star Trek Beyond movie…

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