Precious spider has jazzy-looking legs

A LEGO model built predominantly from a single colour generally needs to be something special to grab the eye. This gleaming clockpunk-style spider beastie from Markus Rollbühler manages to do exactly that, using a variety of textured pearl gold parts to provide lots of delicious mechanical detailing in amongst the bling.

LEGO Steampunk Spider

The eye in the mechanoid’s “face” is a brilliant parts choice, and I like the egg-sac feel of the teal balls held between the wheels of the abdomen. Katana for the lower limbs make this thing look like it’s tip-toeing around, but it’s the use of saxophones for knees which is the masterstroke here, adding touches of tiny texture to a nicely angled joint, and proving once again there’s no such thing as a single-use LEGO part!

5 comments on “Precious spider has jazzy-looking legs

  1. Brandon

    Sorry to be picky but with the body segments and six legs, that’s definitely an ant, not a spider. It is beautiful and brilliant though.

  2. Purple Dave

    Huh. I see a hilt connecting the staff to the saxophone for the “knee”, but the only hilt that looks like that is on the Prince of Persia dagger, but that only comes dual-molded with a rubbery silver blade that won’t fit down the saxophone’s bell. So, intentionally modified, or did someone manage to get a batch of dual-molded parts that never went through the second molding step?

  3. Håkan

    @Purple Dave.

    The image looks very digital, so I hope there hasn’t been any “cheating” involved…

  4. Purple Dave

    Nope, I had it spot on. If you go to the Flickr page and hover over the knee, you’ll see some image notes discussing that very element. He got bladeless Prince of Persia daggers on Bricklink some time back, so no cheating for him, but anyone else would have to cut the blades off. And we still don’t really know if the blades were removed or if they were never molded. I’ve never seen an incomplete dual-molded part before, but the very nature of the process does mean it has to be possible, and human nature means it’s likely to happen a lot more than we might suspect.

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