Ride like the wind, Gandalf!

We featured norlego‘s stunning LEGO Meduseld Hall last year, but now he’s followed it up with another impressive slice of architecture from Edoras, the capital of the nation of Rohan in Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings. Here we see Gandalf and Pippin leaving the city at the start of their ride to Minas Tirith. The gated wall behind them is an impressive structure, with a lovely depth of detail and texture within both stone and wooden sections. The arrow slits in the main gate structure are nicely done, and the surrounding landscaping is excellent — all the green broken up with clumps of dark tan grass and boulders. Don’t miss the edge of the diorama — the undulating strata of earth and stone add immensely to the natural feel of the scene.

LEGO Lord of the Rings Rohan

If you’re a Tolkien fan and just can’t get enough Rohirrim action, then be sure to check in on this wonderful microscale LEGO version of Edoras from a while back.

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  1. Purple Dave

    Ah, it’s amazing how effectively the LEGO horse design can basically kill the urgency that a scene is meant to convey. They look like they’re going for a casual Sunday pony ride around the block. I know at least one person who designed his own brickbuilt horse, apparently for that very reason, as he poses them in ways that make it obvious they’re running at a full gallop.

    Edoras was by far my favorite location in the Middle Earth movies (and the exterior set has one of the coolest backstories, too), and it’d be awesome if he plans to complete the whole sprawling town someday.

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