A neat fleet of stylised Batman treats

Inspired by the new LEGO Batman sets Batsub and the Underwater Clash and Batman Mech vs. Poison Ivy Mech, Elvis Lawrey has added his own spin on cartoon-like super hero vehicles. Embracing the chibi aesthetic, he’s rolled out a clutch of cute, fun, and playable vehicles for the Dark Knight to test-drive.

Lego Batman Cartoonized Batman Vehicles

Up first is a full reworking of the official Bat-Mech. It’s a bulkier re-proportioned model. Boosters have been added to the shoulders and heels, along with substantial armor upgrades and a wicked-looking katana.

Lego batman bat mech (76117 optimized version)

Then there’s this chunky souped-up Flying Fox, which is loosely based on the Justice League version.

Lego Batman Justice League Cartoonized Flying Fox Chibi flying fox

Described as a funky-looking Batmobile, the next build continues the series’ use of bubble cockpits and stubby shaping to great effect.

Lego Batman Cartoonized Batmobile

With its super-fat tires, this simple but lovely Bat Bike completes the project’s unique take on the familiar Batman line-up.

Lego Batman Batbike batman heavy motorcycle MOC