Ride the roads in a really radical rat rod

In American car culture, the rat rod has come to symbolize rugged individualism. You might think of it as the automotive equivalent of a cowboy. Over the course of seven months, Manuel Nascimento built a LEGO Ford Model A rat rod. Manuel’s Model A oozes personality, with its “rust brown” patina, chrome trim and chopped, lowriding body. His model captures the subtle curves and angles of the real car. I’m particularly impressed with how the sides slightly slant upward.


Manuel’s rat rod is as impressive mechanically as it is visually. The car is equipped with power functions motors for moving, steering, and the ability to raise and lower the rear. Because the engine is exposed, you can also see it in action. Manuel chose to highlight these features in the following video.

It’s a mean looking car with a lot of class, as this front-end view demonstrates.


Opening the doors reveals an interior decorated with various signs and license plates. It’s a personal touch that adds a dash of charm.


Even when leaving bystanders in the dust, the Model A impresses. The spoked wheels are constructed from individual LEGO elements, which are then fitted into stock LEGO tires. That the car is able to drive around without the wheels falling apart is a testament to Manuel’s engineering.