Same house, different times

When you’ve designed something as beautiful as Ayrlego‘s Wainwright house, it seems a shame not to experiment with its presentation. It looks right at home in its medieval situ, with its muddy path, city guards, and period timber frame construction.

Wainwright, Ambarvale

However, why stop here? Relocate the build half way around the globe to Jamestown in Virginia and you have a completely different enviroment to explore. LEGO palm trees and red coat soldiers have surrounded the timber frame residence, giving the model a fresh colonial feel.

Wainwright, Jameston

8 comments on “Same house, different times

  1. Mark Anderson

    Yeah, I like the idea of changing the setting for a fantastic model, but the few palms in southeast Virginia are there because they were transplanted and only survive the winters if they are stretch-wrapped in plastic. Even the stubby little palmetto in my backyard struggles to stay alive every year.

  2. R

    Not only do palm trees not exist wildly in Virginia, but you apparently don’t know the first thing about colonial building construction at Jamestown. There was absolutely not one building at Jamestown that remotely resembled this structure. Perhaps you should really do research before posting comments regarding people’s builds, this just makes you look very uneducated.

  3. Stormbringer88

    This ” R ” character seems certainly the pleasant fellow. Must have quite a personality in person, numerous friends, and also must have a wide variety of Lego skills which I’m sure we would all love to see. In any comment section, there’s always one, even the Brothers Bricks.

  4. Jai

    How amazing that we have a local Jamestown colonist here with us today to share their history-defying knowledge

    Tell me more about how a small plastic house with small plastic trees never existed there, it’s fascinating stuff but the time police are probably already on their way to collect you

  5. Chopper Dave

    Some people compensate for their inadequacies by improving their character, learning a hobby, etc. Other people vent their impotent rage by ranting about things on Lego sites.

    Seriously, just delete the guy’s posts-he has nothing to offer and is a nuisance.

  6. David Alexander Smith Post author

    It appears as though all this confusion has arisen from me assuming incorrectly that Ayerlego had added the context of Jamestown to refer to the real location in Virginia, in fact as I have recently learned, it relates to a fictional location also cal. If nothing else, all this confusion has led to some interesting debate, and best of all more people taking the time to look closely at Ayerlego’s wonderful creation.

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