This eco house brings the great outdoors indoors

The LEGO Group has committed itself to making┬áLEGO plant elements out of plants. Thanks to Sarah Beyer, there is now a LEGO house to compliment them. Sarah’s eco house, named Lilium after the lily flower, has been designed with self-sustainability in mind. Electricity is supplied by roof-mounted solar panels, while large windows on the south and west walls capture warm rays of sunshine. The house looks fresh and modern, enhanced by the surrounding colorful landscaping.

Lilium Eco House MOC southern side garden

Sarah’s house has been constructed so LEGO minifigures can immerse themselves in the outdoors. The second-floor porch and vine-laced patio offer an excellent view of the garden.

Lilium Eco House MOC south-eastern corner

For those of our readers who enjoy finished interiors, Sarah’s eco house does not disappoint. The model can be separated in half, revealing the detailed living quarters.

Lilium Eco House MOC eastern half

The bedroom is warm and inviting.

Lilium Eco House MOC bedroom glass wall

There is a comfortable-looking spot to lounge and read the paper, complete with Minecraft modern art and a potted plant from a galaxy far, far away.

Lilium Eco House MOC. Resting chair.

In the evening, you can even head up the stairs to play piano by the light of the moon!

Lilium Eco House MOC keyboard