The restoration of a hot rod

Builder Pixeljunkie’s latest creation is a charming old auto shop where a group of builders works to restore a classic car to from its barn-fresh state to a splendid showpiece. A series of images transcribe the journey, beginning with the mottled and rusted car and a simple blueprint of what might be.

Vintage Garage Diorama Scene 4

Throughout the scenes, the workshop is packed full to bursting with intricate details that bring the scene to life. Surrounding the crew is all the detritus common to a mechanic, from tools and dusty equipment to overflowing waste bins and parts shelves. This shop truly feels lived in.

My favorite shot is this one, where the crew first gets the chassis running with shiny new parts and are too excited to wait for the body to be complete before taking it out for a spin.

Vintage Garage Diorama Scene 3

Finally, the new shiny new body panels ready to be lowered onto the chassis. Check out the Scala bucket handle for the grille frame, and more excellent details like the jerry can in the back corner or the old engine on the pallet.

Vintage Garage Diorama

You can check out the whole journey on Pixeljunkie’s Instagram, including watching the shop restore other old cars.

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