The Letter that needed to be delivered to the Cupboard Under the Stairs

I’m always thrilled by tiny vignettes that squeeze in details that tell the story well. This vignette by Zed highlights the memorable scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when the Hogwarts invitation letter is delivered to Harry in the Cupboard Under the Stairs. Though not fully movie accurate — as I do recall the door of the Dursley’s home was at the bottom of the staircase — it makes more sense for this little vignette to have it on the opposite end. I still can’t figure out how LEGO elements were arranged to construct that sturdy-looking entrance door, but it certainly looks good.

A letter from Hogwarts

5 comments on “The Letter that needed to be delivered to the Cupboard Under the Stairs

  1. Zed

    @PurpleDave: You got it! I used thoose wooden boxes to create a bit of relief on the door.
    The brackets are mainly here to fill the gap between the door and its fram. And that gave me the opportunity to make it to hold the center part of the door in place. I also used it to place an owl behind the rounded window but unfortunately, it is not viewable on the picture (I already had to choose an angle for the bed to be seen under the stairs°.

  2. Purple Dave

    I immediately thought of the crates when I saw the door, but kept second-guessing myself because I forgot how high the horizontal framing member sits on those things. I had to actually look it up to realize I had it right. As for the owl, yeah, you’d probably need to do an extreme closeup with a wide-angle lens to get that and the bed. It’s too bad they only make owls with tucked wings. Given how many letters are there, I was thinking it would have been hilarious to have about a dozen owls flying away from the other side of the door.

  3. Zed

    @purple Dave: I will certainly try to make an outdoor view of the door with a small door awning with 4-5 owls on it. I have to find a way to hide the structure that holds the door center part in place!

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