New LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz revealed, including Darth Vader [News]

LEGO continues to roll out new entries to the BrickHeadz theme with some regularity, and the latest pair to be revealed hail from Star Wars. Though we’ve had a number of Star Wars characters before, this duo is representing the Empire with Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. Numbered as 55 and 56 in the series, we don’t have a specific release date for them yet, but we presume they’ll cost the same as previous BrickHeadz, at $10 per character. We’re also getting a look at the box art and series numbers, 62 and 63, for the Ghostbusters two-pack we revealed a few weeks ago.

41619 Darth Vader | 104 pieces

41620 Stormtrooper | 124 pieces

41622 Peter Venkman & Slimer | 228 pieces

7 comments on “New LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz revealed, including Darth Vader [News]

  1. Brian H.

    Regretably to my bank account I started picking these up as filler for the next UCS or Architecture set. I’m hooked. Excited to see them getting behind them and pushing out more licensed content they have access to. If the Dimensions legacy and now access to Activision/Blizzard is any indication, then there will be ALOT more of these.

  2. hozefa ezzi

    No, I am a Brickheadz! I cant wait!!! Wasn’t gonna get the stormtrooper but I guess I do need someone next to my Captain Phasma brickheadz

  3. Håkan

    Hmm, that Darth Vader set seems to have a bunch of useful parts. Is that triangle part new?

  4. Mr. Thrawn

    I love Vader’s Force grip. If you look, you’ll see that his hand is turned 180 degrees from the other one.

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