For the love of Star Wars: A focus on Douglas Khoo

You never know what you’re going to get when you ask the right questions. Recently, we had the chance to speak with Douglas Khoo about his work. Douglas is a talented builder who seldom showcases his builds online, but does what he does for the love of it. If the builder’s name rings a bell, that’s because he was part of the crew that was invited to create and build an exhibit for the UNESCO’s Piece of Peace exhibition that will travel the world.

Douglas created this magnificent collage of LEGO Star Wars ships with a silent tribute to the Dark Side. This montage only took Douglas about two hours to complete, and if you did not already notice, it’s inspired by a similar piece by artist Louis C. Hébert from the Bleublancrouge advertising agency from the Star Wars Identities Exhibition over at the Montreal Science Centre, back in 2012. The difference though is Douglas makes use of the negative space a lot more to give the Star Wars ships a showcase of their own and individuality. If you still don’t see Vader there, squint your eyes, take a step back and look again!

When asked about how big a fan he was, Douglas’s answer was – you’ve got to be kidding me. That’s when we were introduced to a showcase of his other masterpieces which all center around the beloved Star Wars theme. With each of these builds, Douglas adds his own twists of interpretation and re-imagination to the scene.

BB-8 in Black

Up first is a rendition of BB-8 but in back. While it may not necessarily share the same features of our friendly BB-8, the presentation and detailing of parts is quite excellent. This droid certainly could be a fraternal twin that got lost at the manufacturing assembly line.

Kamino Cloud City

The similarities between Kamino and Cloud City have often been pointed out. But what if they were one and the same? Douglas brings us this slight reimagination of both cities combined into one.

The Darth Vader Pod-Racer

We’ve known for a while that Anakin was the greatest pod racer ever, but have you ever wondered if Vader missed the sport in his later years? Having everything at his disposal, perhaps the famous Sith Lord spent his days off tinkering and remodelling so that he could one day race again. With Douglas’s LEGO creation, we get to see this what-if scenario in all its glory with a Vader Pod-Racer brought to life.

Depths of Utapau

I can’t ever recall seeing a MOC scene of Utapau, but this is one interesting approach. While it’s not necessarily in minifigure scale, this scene provides a great representation of the sinkholes and underground structures built within the Outer Rim planet.

What do you think of Douglas’s re-imagined scenes and his amazing montage of Vader in space? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.