LEGO 75933 T. Rex Transport from Jurassic World [Review]

We continue our adventures on Isla Nublar with the latest LEGO sets from Jurassic World, looking today at 75933 T. Rex Transport. The set includes 609 pieces, three minifigs, a Tyrannosaurs rex dinosaur, and a baby dinosaur.

The box, instructions, & sticker sheet

Although the set includes a handful more pieces than 75929 Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape, the set only includes three numbered bags, with a small instruction booklet and a larger instruction booklet, with the sticker sheet loose in the box. Two harness pieces are also loose in the box, with a high potential to be missed and thrown away before the build is complete.

The sticker sheet includes designs likely to be useful beyond the Jurassic World context, including a DNA double helix computer screen and various machinery panels and components.

The build

As I noted in our review of 75929 Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape, these sets feel a lot like dark blue LEGO City sets with bonus dinosaurs. There’s really nothing noteworthy in the build process, so here’s the basic breakdown:

  • Bag 1: Includes a guard and the parts for the truck’s tractor unit along with parts for what the product description calls a “containment unit.”
  • Bag 2: Includes a second guard and the parts for the trailer’s upper section.
  • Bag 3: Includes Zia Rodriguez and the parts for the remainder of the trailer.

The finished model

The big blue truck dwarfs the minifigs, and the “containment unit” frankly just feels random.

Both sections of the vehicle are incredibly sturdy, built for lots of play by younger builders.

It’s rather disappointing that the front grille on the truck is a large sticker stuck onto a panel rather than brick-built. The roof detaches easily to seat a single minifigure.

The containment unit includes lots of lights, knobs, and dials, with an integrated computer that shows a DNA sequence on its screen (a sticker, as noted earlier).

The sides of the truck’s trailer fold down so that the guards can wrangle the T. rex aboard.

Once aboard, the upper cage sections also fold in, enclosing the dinosaur with room for its head to stick out from the front and its tail from the back.

Minifigures & creatures

75933 T. Rex Transport includes three human characters — two guards and a new character being introduced in Jurassic World named Zia.

The two guard minifigs are identical to their uniformed counterparts in every other Jurassic World set, differentiated only by headgear and faces. (If nothing else, these guard minifigs provide plenty of diversity of skin tone and a wealth of urban tactical parts.) All three minifigures have printed backs

Zia is one of the coolest minifigs I’ve seen in a while. She has a reversible face with an alternate expression, and her legs are dual-molded in red and dark bluish gray, with printed designs on the front that look like Converse high-tops. She wears an olive-green jacket over a yellow shirt printed with a dark red dinosaur pattern.

The main attraction in this set is of course the titular dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurs rex. (Side note: Why are we italicizing all of the dinosaur names? Because Latin binomial nomenclature for genus and species names dictates italicization. And we’re nothing if not overly accurate here at The Brothers Brick — at least when we want to avoid particularly pedantic comments.) Unlike the Carnotaurus, this T. rex uses existing LEGO dinosaur molds from the brief Dino theme back in 2012.

Although the molds are 100% identical, the dinosaur is otherwise completely new, with a nougat upper body printed with dark brown stripes and a tan underbelly.

Each Jurassic World set seems to include a new baby dinosaur figure, and this set is no different. This set includes what appears to be a baby raptor with coloring similar to Blue the semi-tame Velociraptor, with a sand green body and a dark blue streak extending from the eye down to the tail.

Conclusions & recommendation

With a dinosaur that’s a recolor from a few years ago, only one interesting minifig, and a very boring vehicle built from minimally interesting parts, there’s not much to recommend this set. But at $70 for over 600 parts, it’s frankly a much better value than buying the LEGO Juniors set T. rex Breakout for $50 (with a mind-bogglingly tiny parts selection of only 150 pieces).

If you absolutely need at LEGO T. rex and don’t want to pick one up on the secondary market for a high proportion of the set’s overall value, we won’t judge you too harshly for buying this set when it inevitably goes on sale after the movie’s release in June. But we recommend getting the Zia minifig and dinosaur from secondary resellers separately and thus saving your money for the much more interesting 75929 Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape.

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75933 T. Rex Transport includes 609 pieces and three minifigures plus a Tyrannosaurs rex dinosaur. The set is available now from the LEGO Shop ($69.99 in the US | £59.99 in the UK | $89.99 in Canada),, eBay, BrickLink, and elsewhere.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.