LEGO 75928 Pteranodon Chase from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [Review]

When the original 2015 wave of Jurassic World sets retired, some people thought the theme wouldn’t return. But with the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie coming out in June, this popular line has been brought back to life. As The Brothers Brick has already reported, there will be 8 regular sets releasing next week. In addition, there will be related sets under the Brickheadz, Juniors, and Duplo themes. For this review we will focus on one of the smaller sets under the main theme: 75928 Pteranodon Chase. This set contains 126 pieces, including two minifigures and a Pteranodon dinosaur, and will retail for $19.99 USD.

The box, instructions, and stickers

The box contains a main parts bag and two smaller bags, with a loose 4-piece sticker sheet.This time the instructions came flat (but this could be different from set to set). The main box also includes a smaller white box that holds the two halves of the Pteranodon head.

The stickers consist of the license plates, the “caution” sign for the side of the shooter, and the classic Jurassic World logo that emblazons the hood of the jeep. I’d love to see this logo printed, but it makes sense that it’s a sticker.

As an aside, the box opens via punch tab, something that I find annoying, especially with a box that’s bigger than my hand (vs smaller battle packs and other mini-sets). I’m not a fan of destroying boxes to open them, but maybe this doesn’t matter nearly as much to some other people.

The build

This build was quick, smooth, and simple. There is a decent amount of dark blue, which I personally really enjoy. The body of the jeep feels nice and wide, which helps support the height and makes it look natural. One fun feature is a compartment in the back to hold the egg or, presumably, other nifty objects.

Because these jeeps are so squared off, the front is built on a separate plate and side-build techniques are used to make everything flush. Another thing I appreciated about the jeep is how the newer 2×2 tiles with two studs on one side are used to clean up the door area and smooth out that middle section of the vehicle.

I think one of my favorite parts in this set, though, is the one used for the mudguards and headrest. It really adds to the shape of the vehicle. Also, in past sets this has been a blocky piece that takes up more space and requires some ingenuity to use in creations other than cars. But this newer piece has more flexibility as far as ways it can be used (as exemplified in a plethora of other new sets). I especially love the look of the head rest fitting perfectly over the black 1x4x2 bar with studs.

One thing that bothers me a little is that the mounting of the headrest piece affixed to the top of the container looks slightly unfinished. For the most part, I think there is a perfect amount of visible studs in the right spots on the vehicle. But the open hole studs coupled with the uncovered headrest part makes it look slightly unfinished, as if it’s missing a piece there. Although, I go back and forth on how I feel about this detail.

It’s always really great when the extra parts include a minifigure accessory. In this case there is an extra lime green dart. (Who is such a perfect shot every time that they only need one dart?) What I like most about this situation is that while the dart-gun itself is in a minifig’s hand, this extra dart can be placed in the empty clip on the side of the jeep for safekeeping.

The shooting mechanism is simple but interesting. It originally comes as two parts.

The trigger slides into the yellow shooter and anchors in such a way that it’s not intended to come out. Someone probably could if they wanted to, but perhaps it’s not worth the effort, seeing as there doesn’t seem to be many other uses for these parts.

The shooter is affixed to the jeep using a Technic pin, allowing it to angle up and down freely.

And of course, the ammunition for this shooter is a dinosaur-catching net. Interestingly, in the past this has always been a square net, but now it is circular. Perhaps this shape makes it slightly easier to load and launch from the shooter. It’s also little bit lighter and more fabric-like than the old nets.

The complete model

The finished product of this build is a pretty handsome little jeep. Aside from the play features that are inherent in LEGO cars (moving wheels and swinging doors), the tool clips on the sides and storage compartment in back are a great complement.

As mentioned before, the shooter angle can be changed in order to get the proper trajectory. It did take me a couple tries to hit my mark, but it was quite satisfying when I did!

The one issue that I found with the shooter is that you have to make sure the trigger is cocked all the way back before firing. I was reminded of this several times when I went to launch the net and it just flopped out.


Generally speaking, this is a pretty good-looking trio of figs.

Something wonderful about LEGO boxes is that the characters and models depicted on them are often very close in size to the real thing. So when you look at that massive Pteranodon on the front, you know that it really is just about that size. While moulds for these parts are not new, this is the first time the Pteranodon has been seen in this color combination. The figure comes in 5 pieces: each of the wings, the body, the main part of the head, and the lower jaw. As mentioned before, the two parts that make up the head come in a nice, neat little box.

The Owen Grady minifig dons an outfit that very closely resembles that in the movie. The well-shaped hair is the only part that is not new, but it seems like it was made for this minifig. It’s nice to see LEGO continuing to head in a direction of more and more options in terms of hair-pieces that not only look more realistic, but can be used to give each character a more unique personality.

Owen has two faces, a smirk-like smile, and a serious, determined stare. LEGO did a nice job of replicating the likeness of Chris Pratt (the actor playing Owen Grady) with the head.

The Tracker minifig has a really great new jumpsuit that would work perfectly in a multitude of custom creations. I’m sure this is one that some people would like to have several of. The head and helmet of this character are not new. The helmet works well with the ensemble, but isn’t overly exciting. Like Owen, her face is double sided. One is sort of a thin smile and the other is somewhat angry looking, with her mouth agape.

Personally, I’m not much of a fan of this head. First, the attempt at cheekbones just makes her look a little gaunt. But also, it seems like the case with many female minifigs is that their expressions don’t correlate with those of males in the same situation. For example, a male figure might look fiercely determined, while a female just looks disgusted.

Conclusion and recommendations

Personally, I look at most sets (other than some of the very large and expensive ones that I keep put together) as something that has potential beyond their box. First, I build the set and enjoy all the cool play features it has. But part of me is always studying and “shopping” for ideas and pieces to use in my next personal creation. When I look at this set I see lots of immediate fun and playability, as well as future potential. The minifigures in this case can easily be broken down and reused to create a multitude of other realistic characters, and the jeep has plenty of versatile parts as well.

The price per piece in this set is just under $0.16 USD. It’s not a great deal compared to the $0.10/piece rule of thumb, but for a new, very popular, movie release set, it’s not a bad deal either. Currently, the dinosaurs found in the sets being released are only found once, in their respective sets. For this reason, if you are a Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, or general dinosaur buff, and you are interested in collecting them all, then this might be the set for you!

Bottom Line: If you’re considering this for your kiddo or have an interest in becoming a collector of the entire series, I would definitely go for it! Also, if you’re looking for parts, this certainly has some good ones, but they aren’t very rare, and you’ll get a better bang for your buck when it goes on sale.

LEGO Jurassic World 75926 Pteranodon Chase includes 126 pieces. Is is available From “>LEGO Shop at $19.99.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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