A brick-built home is always in fashion

When it comes to LEGO houses, Sarah Beyer builds some of the best. We’ve taken a look at her jungle holiday home previously, and whilst this house might be less exotic in its setting, it’s no less accomplished in its construction and fit-out. The tan walls with their black detailing offer a sharp contrast to the feature wall, letting its striping really stand out. The landscaping and planting around the house create a sense of a cared-for property situated in a pleasant urban neighbourhood.

Vanilla House MOC kitchen corner

As ever, Sarah has included a detailed interior, including this stylish upstairs bedroom with its floor-to-ceiling windows. However, all that natural light comes at a cost — I notice there are no curtains, so the privacy may be somewhat lacking.

Vanilla House MOC bedroom windows

The rest of the interior is just as smart, and can be seen by removing the model’s top floor…

Vanilla House MOC parted

The central “social area” is beautifully-done, with lovely architectural touches like those circular holes in the supporting beam. This is also a great example of the high-quality photography employed, giving the images the feel of a high-end interiors magazine.

Vanilla House MOC. Welcome to the social areas.

And finally, what desirable residence would be complete without a little outdoor area for relaxation? Sarah more than delivers on this occasion, with a lovely patio area, perfect for chilling-out in the sun…

Vanilla House MOC parasol