Build your very own working Nerf dart gun with LEGO [Instructions]

Yes, boys and girls, if you really want to stand out amongst the crowd when all your friends have regular dart guns, here’s one that’s guaranteed to make them go green with envy. Astonishing Studios built a fully working Nerf Dart gun using LEGO.

Nerf Gun Display Standing

Well, the only caveat is you’ve still got to purchase the foam darts, which is going to still put a hole in your pocket.

While it was not designed after any specific Nerf model out there, the dart shooter was designed with a low part count in mind to make sure it’s accessible to everyone. Instructions are provided to please both Team Blue and Team Red if you ever need to go to a Nerf Gun battlefield.

The instruction video is 20 minutes and walks you through the full build process, and there are links in the video’s description for LEGO Digital Designer files to give you extra guidance and a parts list.