Stylish jungle living

Tropical living has never looked more appealing than in Sarah Beyer‘s stylish LEGO creation — Cocoa Jungle Cottage. This house manages to look completely at home amongst the surrounding foliage with a colour scheme of natural tones — simple enough to let the striking striped wall stand out as a signature design feature.

Cocoa Jungle Cottage MOC (I)

Don’t miss the smart-looking rooftop terrace with its awning made from tan garage-door sections. Looks like I good spot to wile away the hours with a Mai-Tai or two…

Cocoa Jungle Cottage MOC roof terrace close-up

I love architectural LEGO creations like this, and always enjoy seeing the detail builders lavish on the interiors. Sarah’s cottage is no exception — she’s built some lovely rooms, and taken some great pictures to showcase the design. Here’s the bedroom…

Cocoa Jungle Cottage MOC bedroom through window

And don’t miss the classy-looking bathroom — compact but managing to squeeze in a sink unit, toilet, and shower…

Cocoa Jungle Cottage MOC bathroom minifig perspective

And lastly, here’s a good look at the main living space with its feature wall. I wouldn’t mind spending a weekend living here.

Cocoa Jungle Cottage MOC striped wall