Out-of-this-world LEGO Space hangar

We’ve featured some of Jon Blackford‘s Neo-Classic LEGO Space creations before, but his latest model — a huge maintenace hangar — takes things to a whole new level. The stellar work on the hangar walls manages to avoid this being a “big grey box” — they’re a triumph of sci-fi flavoured texture, with every corner and surface decorated with delicious greebly bits or cool-looking structural elements. The brick-built floor is excellent too — check out those floor markings…

Classic Space Hangar

Jon’s been good enough to provide more images of the hangar, highlighting some of the excellent lighting effects and the attention to detail in the building. Don’t miss those fantastic little cargo crates — put-together from ingot pieces, creating an interesting and futuristic shape.

Hangar Details

As ever, getting the camera down to minifigure eye-level creates the most dramatic photos, giving the hangar an impressive sense of scale and the feel of a bustling maintenance facility…