Spaceship ticks the right boxes on the pre-launch checklist

After his interesting take on a methane-powered moon rover, Jon Blackford turns his attention to a more traditional interpretation of the future of space travel. This twin-seater spacecraft is a wonderful riff on LEGO’s Classic Space theme, with all the key elements of the checklist in place. Blue and gray color scheme? Check. Trans-yellow canopy? Check. Green and red navigation lights? Check. Black and yellow stripes? Check.


But what separates this creation from so many other Classic Space models is the wonderful level of depth and texture Jon has got into those wing panels. This is LEGO Space building at its finest. Couple the quality of the model with some excellent photography and you’ve got a memorable creation, despite the familiarity of its styling. Don’t miss this image of the spaceship coming into land, revealing more of the detailing…

Landing approach