M-Tron sifts the desert sands from this huge new mining facility

M-Tron is known throughout the galaxy for its abundant use of magnets, even deriving their name from the self-attracting rocks. But where do all those rocks come from? A giant metallic asteroid? No, intrepid M-Tron miners harvest the magnetic grains from the desert sands of alien worlds. This mining outpost was a collaboration between Wami Delthorn and Tim Goddard, with a few additional models by Jeremy Williams and Alec Hole.


Don’t be deceived, it’s much larger than it looks at first glance, as this night shot of the whole base shows.

Moston Substation B

The M-Tron miners are well-equipped to chisel apart any stubborn outcroppings they find, and they’ve got a nifty mech to deal with the deep sand. Take a close look at all the little details, even ones as mundane as the stairs.

M:Tron all mine


Classic Spacemen and Futuron fellows visit the station aboard this monorail with an underground station.

Move down inside the car please

The base is outfitted with numerous lights for those dark desert nights, showing M-Tron’s advanced tech in all its glory.

Moston substation B

Sadly, there aren’t more photos of this incredible base, but we’d like to imagine it sitting just over the ridge from the amazing M-Tron magnet factory we featured previously.