Build your very own Donald Trump BrickHead [Instructions]

When we set out to plan our April First content, a lot of great ideas were suggested. But when the idea to build BrickHeadz of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin was suggested, we knew we had a winner. I was thrilled to build them, having already designed and built custom BrickHeadz of Santa, and recently, a Leprechaun.

My first idea was to really make it a solid caricature, with comb-over blowing in the wind, and a shirtless Putin. But the trick to any good April Fools joke is to have enough realism to make it plausible, to really make people think, the same way that the best lies have a kernel of truth. So we decided that they should have that certain official “LEGO BrickHeadz style.” Luckily for me, the recent release of the LEGO Go Brick Me set that we have recently reviewed included just the parts we needed to give our custom BrickHeadz that kernel of truth.

The article was very successful and even led to some folks contacting LEGO about how they could get a copy of the set (for reals, please don’t do that). Sadly, this set will never be available to purchase (LEGO Education has much more important work to do like helping teach creativity to kids than making satirical products). But we are proud to share the instructions here, and while we don’t have a parts list, most of the parts used are readily available along with the Go Brick Me set, available now in stores.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

6 comments on “Build your very own Donald Trump BrickHead [Instructions]

  1. Mark Richards

    That’s awesome. I picked up Go Brick Me and my daughter was super excited to build Trump. I’m worried that if she does, she might try to use it as a voodoo doll.

  2. Håkan

    Which Lego parts would work best for piercing with antennas?

    (Disregarding that actual voodoo performers mostly seem to think that voodoo cursing is basically a vulgar pop culture invention.)

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