LEGO Education launches BrickHeadz series with 41630 Trump & Putin double pack [Fake News]

Move over, pop culture, because LEGO Education BrickHeadz have arrived. LEGO today announced a new Politics@Play line of its popular BrickHeadz line, commencing with 41630 Trump & Putin. The double BrickHeadz buddy pack features the two world leaders, contains 279 pieces, and will retail for $29.99 USD beginning May 1.

Originally rumored to be an upcoming Collectible Minifigure Series, the new BrickHeadz product line will feature prominent world leaders that embody the ideals of LEGO Education. While the first set featuring Trump and Putin will only be available in the United States and Russia, future world leader Politics@Play BrickHeadz will be exclusive to their respective countries.

The full press release is included below.

41603 LEGO® Education BrickHeadz® Trump & Putin
279 pieces | Available May 1, 2018
US $29.99 | Russia ₽1,799

Recreate your favorite world leaders with LEGO® bricks to learn about history!

LEGO® Education is proud to announce a new line of BrickHeadz® based on significant world leaders to help children engage in current events and increase cultural awareness. The Politics@Play® limited edition series will feature world leaders both past and present from countries across the globe, enhancing cultural representation throughout LEGO® products.

LEGO® Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin said, “BrickHeadz® is the most popular product line at LEGO®, topping both Star Wars® and Nexo Knights® in total combined sales last year alone. By extending that winning formula into LEGO® Education, we expect our Politics@Play® limited edition series will not only entertain and educate students, but become sought-after collectors items that will increase in value and fund a child’s college expenses as well.”

The first set in the series, 41603 LEGO® Education BrickHeadz® Trump & Putin, focuses on friendship and cross-border cooperation. Future sets will highlight leaders that imbue other education areas like STEM performance in relation to trade negotiations, empathy between opposing cultures, and investment in the performing arts.

Recreate Cold War tensions between world leaders and resolve them through negotiations right in your own home! 

  • Includes 2 BrickHeadz® world leader figures: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.
  • Figures come with life-like expressions including accurate tan lines and receding hairlines.
  • Trump figure comes with a play feature of a removable 2×2 pink brick representing the brain and can be used to re-enact scenes from The Apprentice® by shouting, “You’re fired!”
  • Putin figure includes extra flesh-colored pieces for an alternate build to make him shirtless, brick-built horse not included.
  • Combine your BrickHeadz® figures from other popular franchises so leaders can call on superheroes to save the world!
  • Set includes a limited edition booklet with interviews of each subject, telling how the pair met, became friends and worked together to become world leaders.
  • Teachers and educators are encouraged to display the figures while teaching current affairs and use them in role-play situations with students to enhance learning opportunities.
  • Each BrickHeadz® figure measures roughly over 2.5″ (6.35 cm) in height or thereabouts plus or minus two studs height on average.

41603 LEGO® Education BrickHeadz® Trump & Putin will only be available in the capital cities of the United States and Russia for $29.99 and ₽1,799 respectively. Only 10,000 sets will be sold to create artificial scarcity in order to increase the collectability of each set. In anticipation of strong interest, early VIP access will be limited to the first 5 minutes of availability on May 1, 2018.

18 comments on “LEGO Education launches BrickHeadz series with 41630 Trump & Putin double pack [Fake News]

  1. Wartracer

    Although I agree with Trump’s politics in most spheres, I don’t approve of everything he does, and I believe he has a tendency to react without thinking occasionally. More on topic, I think this is absolutely hilarious! I would totally buy it were it real!

  2. Elite Guard 01

    With the national embarrisment of donnald trump being sued by a porn star and the investigations into his potentially treasonous election, and how sharply dividede this country is right now over his presidency, this seems a bit culturally insensitive. And with a president who is obsessed with him self do we really need Lego to be stroking his ego? I really hope this is an april fools joke! Also I really don’t understand why Brick Heads are so popular. Seems like a really stupid fad to me, which makes no sense.

  3. wade Bobbitt

    Lol good April fools trump and Putin the way things r going between us ( US and Russia) there ain’t gonna be no Lego’s worth nothing after they start bombing plastics melts too lol I doubt survivors will interested in Lego products I think food and drinkable water will be lot more valuable

  4. The Anonymous Hutt

    I love this! And I like Trump! xD

    Also, that last paragraph is pure gold. I’m glad I read to the end!

  5. LEGO education.

    Ouch ? So wrong it hurts, ain’t gonna happen, LEGO education don’t wanna be associated with political propaganda. We care for the children and learning ❤️

  6. ZCerberus

    Great idea! I especially like how it can be used to teach children about politics and friendship. It’s so great we have a President who is finally working to improve relations with Russia instead of those sad saps who treated Putin like a secret dictator!

    That being said, the hair’s all wrong for Trump, and he needs a cellphone or magazine with his face on it to really help know who it is. I hate to buy incomplete sets where you’re required to dip into your own collection to complete it.

    I hope they sell them separately as well since I have no need for a Putin, even the shirtless version. If they are a required pair, I guess I’ll pass on this set and save my funds for Cloud City!!

    I guess I could buy it in conjunction with a GoBrickMe to have parts to build Trump’s rotating cabinet instead of Putin. I would love a “Mooch” figure.

    In the end I think I’ll pass, but I’ll write my local elementary school and demand they get one before they are gone!

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