This is an illegal exit, you must return to the grid!

While we so anxiously wait for the official Ideas release of the Tron Legacy Light Cycle later this year, this might be the next best thing to hold us over. Even though Grantmasters makes this tiny creation with only about 10 elements (not counting the base), the transparent orange and blue ‘jetwall’ makes this classic instantly recognisable. While it may look simple, Grantmasters says that it took over 100 photo shots to get the right lighting and effect he wanted. Talk about dedication to the art!

Lite Cycles

2 comments on “This is an illegal exit, you must return to the grid!

  1. Purple Dave

    I know exactly where he’s coming from on the photo side. When I got my first digital camera, I spent the first day deleting over 1000 photos. I was trying to photograph mostly black LEGO builds, and it wasn’t until I went out and bought some budget lighting gear (i.e. study lamps, some bulbs with a thick fibrous coating on them to diffuse the light, and some milk crates to mount two of them to) that I was able to start taking photos where the black pieces weren’t either drowning in shadow or washed out from using the flash. After that experience, one of the things I learned was that with LEGO parts being so glossy, it works best if you can shoot without flash or optical viewfinder. Use the built-in monitor and you can see exactly what the camera sees, so you can adjust lighting and angle to eliminate or reduce glare. Then the only problem I had was that my camera was a bit colorblind, so red looked a bit orange and green looked very teal.

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