LEGO monorail microscale

LEGO’s infamous monorail system has been the source of many questions about it’s potential return over the years. In fact, when I spoke with ex-CEO Bali Padda last year he said one of the most common questions he faced from fans was “when will LEGO bring back the monorail?“. While the monorail system is increasingly expensive to buy on the secondary market, Julius von Brunk has created a microscale version that is both easier on the wallet and adorable. The introduction of curved tiles has made this type of build cleaner and perhaps a little easier, but there’s a lot to admire in this instantly recognisable mini version.

6990-1 Monorail Transport System in Microscale


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  1. Evan Harmon

    This is one of my favorite sets as a kid. I still have it and built it 25 years later for my 4 and 6 year old. Still worked and is still as great as ever!

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