Bulk and angles – gray and orange

Large spaceships are a staple of LEGO building, mostly in the fan community’s theme month of “SHIPtember” (September), which is a celebration of spaceships measuring 100 or more studs in length. Why am I mentioning this now, nearly three months after the 2017 SHIPtember project is over? The builder of the featured spaceship, Lisqr seems to be a little late to the party with his “Galactic Destroyer”, which is his first SHIP and was intended to be finished a couple months ago. Whatever the reason for the delay, I say it was worth the wait.

Galactic Destroyer

There are many more and less subtle angles throughout the spaceship, cleanly transitioning one into another. Flat surfaces are broken up by splashes of texture and large gray areas accented by vibrant orange lines and details. What I love about this creation so much is that there is almost no redundancy – every part has its place and adding anything would detract from the model rather than improve it.